5 Reasons you need Corporate Gifts to engage your Employees

A huge number of employees are disengaged at their jobs. Corporate-Gifts
The worldwide statistics are mind boggling – only 13% of
employees are engaged in the workplace. Of the 87% who
are disengaged, 24% are actively disengaged:
these are the employees undermining coworkers
and damaging the company from the inside out.


So what’s the impact? In Australia alone,
disengagement costs businesses $33 billion
annually – and we boast the second-highest engagement rates in the world!
Engaged companies who achieve the golden 8:1 engagement-to-disengagement ratio
outperform competitors by 28%. Productivity soars, profits are
boosted, absenteeism falls and businesses grow.


Engage Your Employees
There are a number of ways to engage employees – at Gift It Now we sell
experience gifts and offer businesses unforgettable staff rewards; our favourite method of
engagement might be obvious! Today we’ll taking a look at 5 reasons you want a
reward and recognition program in place to engage your team and staff.
Gifts Are Remembered

Positive experiences are almost Pavlovian in the way they encourage engagement.
Your staff need feedback to make it as apparent as possible that the work they do for
your company is recognised and valuable. Corporate gifts and spontaneous rewards
do just that, associating positivity and gratitude with the completion of difficult tasks or projects.


Corporate Gifts and Rewards Are Affordable

Business owners are often put off the concept of employee engagement as
they have the idea in their head that the only way to make things better
is by spending more on payroll. Studies show quite the opposite!


The majority of workers prefer benefits to raises once they reach the
$75,000 per year mark. By spending as little as 1% of payroll on corporate
gifts and rewards, you can start the process of engaging employees without breaking the bank.

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Happier Employees Mean Happier Customers
Why have startups, freelancers and small businesses growing in popularity so quickly
over the past fifteen years? Their passion for their work seeps
through into almost everything they do. Positivity resonates with clients,
clients recommend the business to friends and word starts to spread.
Boosting your public reputation is far more effective when you put the
effort into improving relationships and happiness internally.

Gifts > Incentives
Staff reward programs and incentive programs are great, but you can achieve
far more positivity into your corporate environment without regimenting how
you reward staff and recognise achievement into a program.
Defining the input necessary to claim a reward defeats the purpose,
making the gifting more of a process to be expected instead of a
happy surprise and an effective engagement tool.

Personalised Rewards to Suit Individual Personalities
Corporate gifting gives you the chance to reward and recognise individual and group
achievement while also catering to different personalities. We love experience gifts
because it’s simple, memorable and effective to give someone who loves cars a
racing experience, treat a connoisseur to an afternoon of wine tasting or an
animal-lover an encounter that they’ll remember forever.
Anything is possible though – just don’t give cash!

Corporate gifting and staff rewards are an incredible engagement tool and a
fantastic way to improve relationships, reinforce positivity within the workplace
and effectively grow closer to employees. It’s affordable, it’s fun, it’s simple
and corporate gifting is suitable for any business!

Josh Armstrong is the Web Platform Manager for Gift It Now, an Australian
experience gift store. We love corporate gifting, staff rewards and
helping creating unforgettable memories.

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