Anniversary Gifts

The origins of Anniversary Gifts

Trivia Tidbits:  Anniversary gifts originated in Medieval Germany  where the wife received a silver wreath from her friends when she had been married twenty-five years. This was followed by a gold wreath on her 50th anniversary. While no one knows for sure, the Victorians, with their penchant for cataloging, are thought to be the creators of the gift selections named for each year up to the 25th anniversary.

Anniversaries are an annual celebration

Anniversaries are the annual celebration of a couple’s continuing commitment to their relationship. Gift giving for anniversaries today,as in Medieval Germany, is celebrated by friends and family of the couple.

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The types of gifts are chosen from a list that is fairly standardized in most countries. Over time, these lists have come to include symbols and flowers to mark the occasion. Amid all the nice food and partying, giving your partner the best gift is always be on top of your list. No wonder so much time is spent searching the internet and specialty shops for the best gifts.

Anniversaries are Intimate

No matter how many toasts and how many gifts, anniversaries are intimate celebrations between the couple. Why not plan a trip to some dear to both of you? Revisit your honeymoon spot or where you first met, check in at a bed and breakfast, or go on a romantic picnic – just the two of you.

Even the briefest of escapes to be alone is a good way of reminding yourself how your love got started and why it has grown stronger over the years. Spending quality time with each other  helps you catch up on time you’ve missed because of conflicts with work, children’s needs, or being caregivers for your parents. Tuck a little surprise gift inside a cupcake or hanging on the arm of a stuffed animal.

Some great Anniversary Gift ideas

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and a Rolex may be his, but one of the most valued gifts is time. Spending time with the one you love without mobile phones, emails, or other distractions has become a highly valued commodity in our busy lives. If your budget demands an easy-on-the- wallet day, buy her favorite shampoo and wash her hair along with a shoulder massage. Give him a foot massage while the two of you sip you favorite toddy and listen to the tunes that were popular when you were dating. A romantic dinner for two and a carriage ride are always popular with the ladies. If your partner is in the middle of tax season or a big case, give them an IOU with a firm date in the future for a getaway or dinner together.

Anniversary Gifts that Keep Giving

Gifts that warm both women and men’s hearts are those that remind them of the giver over and over. Music boxes, books, heritage gifts like family crests, beautifully framed pictures of their favorite spot or you, watches, monogrammed jewelry, collector items – the list is endless. By giving your gifts that little extra touch, you will create beautiful memories for you and your partner.

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