Family Coats of Arms

Family names may not be important to some people but Europeans during the Middle Ages gave a high regard for theirs even to the extent of making their own symbols that will represent their family’s history and genealogy.

The family’s coat of Arms today

Up to this day, a family’s coat of arms is still preserved from one generation to the next. It is a living witness of a life that has been and will be. In fact, some people have made a business out of it by selling products that can be customized using coats of arms by families.

Only a few have a coat of arms to represent their family. It is an identification in itself that makes it easier for people to identify their own families.

Since some have gone abroad or left the place, locating one’s relatives have never been made easier by using coats of arms. It also gives you a sense of family pride and belonging. Although anybody can make a coat of arms for their families, only a few are able to preserve theirs. At the moment, the use of coat of arms is rarely practiced, but there are still those who can trace theirs back from the feudal ages in Europe.

The coat of Arms come in many designs and colors

A family’s coat of arms comes in various designs and colors. There is no limit to what one can come up with. Some coat of arms depicts the family’s ancestry such as those who belong to the royalty. Others use symbols such as a sword and a shield. Most coat of arms come with a saying which represents the family’s credos or the values that the family lives by. Another salient feature found in most coats of arms is the animal. Lions, bears or wolves are often use as a symbol of the family’s virtues. When it comes to colors, each has a meaning as well. Gold, maroon, blue or yellow, each represents a virtue such as patience, bravery, hope and joy.

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The regulation of the Family Coat of Arms

No one knows if how or what exactly triggered the fad on having a coat of arms. However one thing is certain and that is how this particular custom is granted only to a chosen few. In Great Britain, heraldry is still regulated but in the United States, anybody can come up with a family coat of arms.

Nowadays, items are sold bearing the coat of arms of families. Certain items can be customized with a family coat of arms such as mugs, glassware, mouse pads and apparel to name a few. These personalized items are ideal giveaways during family reunions and special occasions where almost everybody is present. Likewise, they also make nice decorations at home such as a framed crest.

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