Deployment Gifts

Sending off someone to the military can be very difficult for both parties, whether you are a parent, a spouse, a child or a partner. However, nothing can be more gratifying and fulfilling than being of service to your countrymen.

To make one’s departure to his or her new assignment, making things a lot easier will mean a lot. Somehow, these men and women in uniform will not be missing home for awhile especially among those who just joined the service. Others throw a send off party while some simply spend the rest of the remaining days with their loved ones. However, the most practical thing will be to give them something that they will always be reminded of you, the kids and the home. Here are some unique and special deployment gifts which will make every military feel less homesick.

Romantic Gifts
Make your man think of you every minute and every hour with a gift that speak of love and trust. Have a picture of both f you taken and have it framed. That way, he will have something of you on his own barrack. Sometimes, soldiers can also use a good read to relax their mind and keep the stress out of their system. If your
soldier is someone who is fond of writing, present him or her a personalized journal bearing a famous saying about winning the war and being a true service personnel. Once in a while, taking a glimpse of one’s family will help ease the loneliness that a first time soldier experiences. Make your own photo book and place as many pictures of you as a couple and of friends and families.

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Truly a man’s thing
Men who serve the military are known for their bravery. However, they have a soft idle too. Some cry over the loss of a friend and others feel homesick after having been away for awhile. Thus, to keep their mind off their families and that somebody special that they have left behind, present them a deployment gift that they can use during free time. Playing cards are among those that you can give. Keep it personalized by having each card printed with photos of the kids and all. At any rate, you can also send shirt with a digitally printed picture of the family in front of it.

The girl soldier
Admirable as they are, women who serve the military are no different from those whom they have left behind. Thus, as a deployment gift, sending them off with a teddy bear dressed in a camouflage-printed outfit is really neat. You can also give them a cute pillow printed with a saying that will inspire and encourage her to serve with honor and commitment. She can also give it a hug to keep her warm during colder nights in the barracks.