Military Jewelry

Men and women in the service are admired because of how much they have sacrificed a lot for their countrymen. Because of this, they are awarded medals and other forms of recognition for their courage and bravery.

However, if there is something from a soldier’s collection of accessories, it has to be dog tags. By far, no soldier is without it and even if on break from the service, it is still worn as an identity. The dog tag separates a soldier from ordinary citizens. It is symbolic of heroism and to those who have dedicated their lives into serving the country; this is the most common symbol of unconditional service.

Dog tags are among the much military jewelry that is sold in the market today. Although not entirely the same than what is issued by the State, one can now have a piece of this jewelry complete with an engraved name on it. Thus, it is not surprising that many of today’s youth are so into dog tags. Their sizes vary and one can have any design that he or she wants in the tag. These dog tags are worn as an accessory especially those who are into hip hop music. They also make excellent gifts among those who have been out of the service because they will be kept reminded of the good things that they had while serving the country or off to some foreign land helping the people. Since some dog tags can be customized, you can also opt to have one made of quality materials such as silver or gold.

A military ring may not be as symbolic as a dog tag but they are just as precious as any other form of jewelry especially if they have been given for a purpose. Sometimes, these rings come with a special design that represents the branch of the military wherein one is connected with. It may not be as popular as the dog tag, yet it can also be a fitting symbol to heroism. In fact, others have high regard for their military rings that they even give it as an engagement ring to their girlfriend. Why not? After all, it brings with it honor, national pride and bravery. What else can a woman look for? Besides, military rings can be customized wherein a more precious metal can be made such as gold.

Meanwhile, military pins are also pieces of jewelry that are nice to own and to have. Of course, they are not the types worn by generals but they are commemorative pins that bear a certain branch of the military. They can be made into a brooch and can be used during special occasions. Wearing it is just one of the many ways wherein you can show your support towards the government.

Thanks the GGI Team