Christening Gifts

Babies are bundles of joy. They bring life in every household and they always exude hope and happiness. Truly a blessing, a baby is very much welcomed in every family and community. They officially become a part of the Christian world through baptism. They are Christened in the church were they belong and a special ceremony is held in their honor.

The Origins of Christening gifts

Godparents are asked to be present during the dedication or the baptismal and a big celebration follows thereafter. During this special event, it is expected of everybody to offer a gift for the baby. Babies are not very hard to please individuals still they only deserve to receive the best. There are many Christening gifts  available in the market but we have trimmed down your options to these very basic stuffs.

Playthings are a good choice as Christening gifts If there is anything that babies would most likely want to have these are toys and other play things. Small as they are, they need to be entertained too. Well, what else can be more appropriate than nice mobiles that are clipped in their cribs or bassinets?

Colorful mobiles that come in the shape of animals or other objects are also colorful enough to be able to attract their attention. Some mobiles even produce music. These are also excellent options because you are also developing the baby’s love for music. In fact, studies have shown that children who are exposed to classical music
grow up to be more intelligent than those who are not. Thus, if you have been looking around for toys to give your godchild, think of something that combines colors and sounds.

Other great Christening gift Ideas

Basic Essentials
Rompers, frog suits, layettes and cloth diapers are among the basic stuffs that babies need. There are gift items that come in sets complete with bonnets and booties. Looking at a baby all dressed up from head to foot will not only make her look better and feel more comfortable but it will also bring delight to everybody around her. Other than clothing apparel, babies also need bath and grooming stuffs. As such, you can search the shops for hypo-allergenic bath soaps and shampoo since a baby’s skin is very delicate and they need something mild. There are also colognes, talc powder and lotion that are especially made for them.

For Mommy ‘n Me
Mommy and baby always go together. Don’t you think that giving a gift that will benefit both is a good idea?
Perhaps, you can give a diaper bag as a gift. Other than having just a room for nappies, the bag can also be used
to accommodate other baby’s belongings such as feeding bottles, linens, towel and wipes. A stroller is a nice gift too. It makes both mommy and baby comfortable while doing shopping.

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