Going Organic with Christmas Gift Baskets

This Christmas consider sending gifts Health-Gift-Basket-sm
that are healthy and good for the environment.

After all Christmas is about thinking of other
people’s wellbeing and happiness. More specifically
it’s about giving thanks and delivering
happiness and good cheer to others.

Organic Gifts

Giving an organic gift provides you with a built in
opportunity to give thanks in a way that encourages
good health and helps to protect our environment.

There is a wide variety of organic gifts available to give as presents.
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Food gifts in the form of fruit gift baskets are the most popular.
Food gift baskets can also include organic cheese, nuts and chocolate.
Also look for eco- friendly baskets made of materials
like bamboo, willow, grasses and reeds.

Other types of Gift Baskets

Other types of gift baskets to consider as Christmas gifts include organic pet gift baskets.
They are decorated with your pet in mind and contain items such as treats and play toys.
These make a perfect gift for a conscientious pet lover. Baby gifts made of organic materials
are sure to please anyone that wants the best for their baby. Bath and body spa gifts
including soaps, moisturizers, bath salts and oils can also be all organic products.

Another aspect to consider when choosing a gift is the impact you want it to have on the recipient.
Personalizing a gift is a great way to get someone’s attention. This can be done by simply including
an item like a mug or piece of clothing with the person’s name embossed.  There are also many
luxury and gourmet products produced using all natural/organic ingredients. These gifts
have a higher perceived value and therefore make a bigger impact.

People with a more modest budget can find many reasonable priced organic gift baskets.
There are many organic products that are competitively priced. Just remember that it
almost always costs more for farmers to produce high quality organic products.
Pesticides, chemicals and synthetic fertilizers are used by commercial farmers
to reduce labour costs and increase both yield and profit.

For added protection look for a label indicating USDA certified organic.
These products by definition cannot contain genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).
The reason for this precaution is long term safety of GMO foods is largely unproven.

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Organic Gift Baskets are more popular

Organic gift baskets are becoming more popular as people are made aware of the health
benefits of organic products and the damage caused by non-organic products.
Organic foods contain naturally occurring nutrients like minerals, vitamins and enzymes
without any chemicals added. Organic farming practices also help to preserve water,
prevent soil erosion, improve soil quality and protect the health of farm workers
and those who consume the products.

So send gift baskets that are healthy and good for the environment.
You’ll feel better about your gift and enjoy Christmas even more this year.

Author Bio: Greg Elder is owner of Healthy Gifts in a Basket an online store that
sells healthy gift baskets for all occasions.

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