Gift Baskets for every Sun Sign

The Holiday Season is soon approaching. Astronomical-Clock
The most appropriate presents which you are
planning to gift people you know
personally should be done after some research.

The research can be as easy as finding
the person’s zodiac sign. So, find what zodiac
sign the person belongs to and gift the following:

The fiery, the hot-tempered, the enthusiastic and the born leader, Aries is a stud.
Give them red colored dinnerware or wall art or jewelry. Things related to fire will
be quite nice too, like beautiful candles, lanterns and other bright and nice looking things.
But the best thing to give the impulsive and sporty Aries is tickets to a sporting event.

Taurus: The bull loves nothing more than comfort, money and beauty.
Hence indulging them with the good things is a must, if you want to be their good books.
These homebodies should be given things they will enjoy in the comforts of their home,
so things like a big overstuffed chair, plush cushions, a bestselling book series or if
you feel generous, then a home theatre system, because they worth it.


A Gemini is quick witted, sometimes vain and has two brains for one person.
Gift these smarties a chess set for their brains, an enormous mirror or a make-up
kit for their vanity or even spa items or vouchers because everybody loves spas.

Cancer: Cancers love to cook. They also love the moon. Give them a moonstone
or an artifact from an Apollo expedition. If those things are not possible, then give
your Cancer buddy cooking supplies or dining accessories.
They also like fun gadgets because they are cool and all.


Leos love admiration; they love to be flattered and are kind of larger than life.
So don’t give these lions some random unused stuff you found lying around in the house,
they’ll figure it out and might feel bad. Gold jewelry will be nice, otherwise leather goods
or even a Louis Vuitton keychain if you can’t afford the bag. The best thing will be a day
trip to Vegas because they are lions, hear them roar.

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Virgo: I don’t know how Monica from “Friends” wasn’t a Virgo, or maybe she is,
because that alone explains her obsession for cleanliness. To these cool people who
might alphabetically reorder your CD collection, you should gift them a basket of
scented handed soaps, body washes, lotions and body butters, basically
everything which keeps them clean.



Libras love beauty and entertainment, the kings and queens of good times these people are.
Hence, things like pretty candles, hand-painted serving pieces or gorgeous glasses should
be present in their gift boxes. They also have a great ear for music, so for a special
Libra friend, a concert ticket will be amazing. Make it two concert tickets,
because they hate being alone in this cruel world.

Scorpio: Scorpios are mysterious, scorpions are cool and they secretly rule the world.
Gifting the rulers of the world is not an easy thing to do. They are fans of deep colors
(apart from being fans of themselves) so gifting them chocolate brown beddings or a
sleek oversized, dark colored vase will be a cool idea. Gifting them dream journals
or a collector’s item will be a nice idea as well.

Sagittarius: The adventurous and sporty Sagittarius love the outdoors.
Take them camping or to an outdoor music festival and see them glow.
If you don’t necessarily want to take a trip with them, then gift them
travelling equipment and accessories, it will surely make the Archer a happy person.




The hardworking and ambitious Capricorn always has the eyes on the prize.
They appreciate things of value like antiques, rare coins, art objects or ancestral heirlooms.
If you can’t afford vintage then gifting Capricorns something useful like
personalized stationary and all that.

Aquarius:  An Aquarius is far too lost in their own world to bother with you and
your standard gifts, until or unless it sparks some interest in their dreamy eyes.
Whimsical and adventurous, they’d love a ride in a hot air balloon or maybe a week’s
worth of yoga classes taught from some ancient scripture. If these things seem too much,
then you can purchase the latest gizmos and gadget for them as the
Aquarius loves the current fad, maybe more than its traditional zodiac signs counterparts.



The mystic Pisces loves an escape from reality and your gifts should help them in this endeavor.
A classic bottle of champagne, a telescope to look into the stars and figure out their
mysterious ways or bath salts because, you guessed it right, they love bathing. They are fishes after all.

These are the gifts you should give people according to their zodiac signs.
If nothing works, give them a chocolate gift basket. The love for chocolate is universal.


Author Bio:
The author of this post is Kristina Parker, a freelance blogger who often
writes for Funky Bunches, leading suppliers of gift hampers in Perth. Kristina loves
playing tennis and going to the beach with her friends.
You can also follow her on Twitter @Kristinawparker.

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