Corporate Christmas Gifts

Did You Know   We all know George Washington was
the father of the United States? 
But he also introduced the idea of corporate giving with
his promotional commemorative buttons in 1789.

In the early 19th century a few wooden give- aways
such as rulers and some printed calendars were given
out to promote a business here and there,
but by the late 19th century,
the corporate giving industry was off and running.

Christmas is an excellent opportunity for companies to
thank their employees, clients, business partners and potential customers for their business and wish them a good new year.  Corporate gifts are
a good way to express appreciation and build good will.  Often corporate gifts are
items with the company logo,  an ideal way to keep your business in front of clients.
Employees and clients appreciate discount coupons and tickets to movies or sports events.

Office Supplies
With budgets tight this year, many of your clients, business partners, and
potential customers would appreciate practical gifts they can put to good use.
A corporate gift basket loaded with pens, memo pads, pencils, sticky note pads,
staples, erasure ink, paper clips and magnetic holders, pencil cups, letters openers,
calendars, planners, and a big box of chocolates or gourmet popcorn will surely
be a welcome gift for an office full of people or a shop owner.

Any or all of the items in the gift basket could have your logo embossed or e
ngraved on them.  Add some Christmas tinsel and bright ribbons, colored tissue papers,
and pretty cello wrap, and you have a gift that is eye appealing, functional, and
a great way to promote your own business.

Recycled Items
If your company promotes environmental-friendly products or if the company
you are giving a corporate gift to is into green, what better than a gift box or
basket filled with recycled goods made from recycled paper such as stationery,
envelopes, note pads, customer bags, trash bags, anything eco-friendly.

Taking the time to know what your customers like and want is half the game in getting
a Christmas corporate gift to them that will be appreciated and remembered.
Not a bad marketing strategy.

Gourmet All The Way
Had a successful year?  Why not express your gratitude with a corporate gift basket
filled with gourmet goodies.  Labels in Christmas colors or your company’s colors
can be easily printed and attached to boxes, tins, packages, and
bottles as a constant reminder to everyone who partakes from the basket where
all the extravagant goodies came from.

Many online gourmet gift basket companies will make your basket to order and
have a variety of themed baskets to choose from.  Filled with aged cheeses,
candy covered nuts, salty nuts and snacks, delicious crackers, fresh fruit, wines, and
sauces, your corporate gift baskets can be as expensive as you want.

Plastics, Cloth and Metals
Corporate gifts made from plastic such as tumblers, coffee mugs, travel mugs,
practice golf balls, and key rings with the company’s logo on them are popular items.
Caps, visors, tee-shirts, golf cloths, and tote bags are well-liked cloth gifts.

Company logos or pictures of special items that the company makes or
sells can be printed on them in company colors.  Metal items that make good corporate
gifts and can be engraved, embossed, or laser printed are key chains, lighters,
book clips, money clips, or eyeglass holders.

Practical Giveaways
Cost is always a consideration when choosing corporate Christmas gifts no matter
how successful the previous year has been and if your list is a long one, that
complicates matters.     You can express your gratitude without breaking the bank.

Calendars come in all sizes and types and can even be designed and printed from
your desktop or with large printing companies that often give deep discounts for
bulk orders.  Book marks and desk memo pads or umbrellas are fairly inexpensive gifts.

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