Good Christmas gifts

Did You Know?
Gift giving was part of the Roman Saturnalia ancient festival?
Christmas and all the festivities surrounding it make
for exciting December days, but with all that fun come gifts,
and that sends some people scrambling.

What to buy Dad or Granddad?
Where can I find something new and different for
my wife or husbands Christmas gifts were banned
in the Middle Ages by the Catholic Church as pagan?

Thankfully the ideas changed when gift became associated
with the baby Jesus in the Christian Bible and the precious
gifts brought to him at his birth. What should I get for
my grandchildren who live half-way around the world?
Great Gift Ideas will help you solve all those problems with a few clicks.

If you’re on a tight budget: not to worry.  Our elves have been busy finding beautiful
and practical ideas to solve your gift list woes.

We all know it’s not the price that matters but the love and good will that comes with the gift.
Yet why give just any old thing when Great Gift Ideas can assist you to get a great gift for a reasonable price.

Fruits and Baked Goodies Books
Books in all sizes, shapes, and colors are still the perfect Christmas gift for
many people on your list. Excellent gifts for children, they develop a life-long
love of reading and stimulate their imaginations.

Self-help books abound to provide inspiration to lose weight, start an exercise program,
and, of course, learn how to write a book!  Hobbies such as gardening, sewing,
knitting, crochet, embroidery, painting and the list is endless fill
the shelves of bookstores.

And one especially nice thing about books, there is no age limit on the entertainment
they provide for seniors, professionals, college students, teens, and children.
Oh, and don’t forget cooking – from the basics to the most sophisticated,
there is a gift book.

Nothing says Christmas like fudge, sugar cookies, or mincemeat pie.
Bake your own goodies to share with family and friends.  No time to bake?
Investigate all the great gift food catalogues online.

You can buy individual items or gift baskets stuffed with luscious candies, nuts,
and fruit to meet and priced for any budget from the small remembrance to
extravagant towers of food.

Most people love gifts of baked goods and fresh fruit.  For a small fee,
you can purchase a basket, line it with some tissue paper, and fill it with local
specialties and fresh fruit. Just like fresh fruits, personally baked goodies are also
gifts that are favored by recipients.

Putting that little extra effort into your gifts means a lot to people.
A nice idea is to enclose a copy of the recipe for your special gingerbread just
in case the receiver wants to give it a try.  For those on your list who into green and
healthy, a quick trip to your local health food store or a few clicks to
view online health food sites will get you exactly the gift you need.

Paintings, Stories, and Poems
Creativity is a gift that many of us are shy about sharing, but Christmas is an
appropriate to use your talent to create a special gift for others.
Tap into your passion for painting, sketching, or wildlife photography by making
your own masterpiece of that location you all love, a sketch of the person’s
favorite tree, a beautifully framed photo of a redbird – all make lovely gifts.

Strapped for cash, have the kids draw anything and frame it.
Grandparents will love your gift.
You can bet the receiver will be very flattered to receive such a unique gift from you.

If you have a knack for writing poetry, isn’t it about time you composed one for
your parents or brother or sister?
Who cares whether you’re published.
Your family and friends will be thrilled by your creativity.

Every parent will be very proud to receive a poem written especially for them.
If you like to write, Christmas is the absolute perfect time to record on paper
what a special trip, act of kindness, or childhood memory means to you.
Nostalgic gifts are always the perfect gift.

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