Cool Christmas Gifts

DID YOU KNOW History says that the first Christmas
card was printed in England in 1848 by John Calcott Horsley.
He coined the still used phrase “A Merry Christmas and
A Happy New Year.”

Millions of people around the world consider Christmas
the happiest time of the year.
It is a time families and friends gather, a time celebration
is shared, a time we give thanks for blessings.

Gift giving is a big part of the festivities too, but sadly sometimes gifts become
a burden rather than a joy.

Great Gift Ideas turns gift giving back into the pleasure it is supposed to be with wonderful
gift ideas for everyone on your list regardless of your budget.

Sharing your love and admiration for others isn’t about how much money you spend,
it’s about the thought you put into just the right gift, letting others know you care.
Christmas gifts are about sharing the things in life that go far beyond the money spent.

Christmas gifts should express your awareness of what’s important in the receiver’s
life – the books, CDs, colors, fragrances they like. The elves at Great Gift Ideas looked far and
wide to help you connect with those lucky people on your gift list.  Our cool gifts along with
some practical tips below will melt your heart.

Unspoken Words

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to express these unspoken words through
a card or letter. If funds are short you can send an online gift card for free through
some companies, but why not design your one-of-a-kind expression and include a letter.

This is guaranteed to be one of the receiver’s favorite gifts of all time.
Lovely monogrammed or engraved gifts quickly become treasured keepsakes.

Personal creations from the heart are always valued gifts – a bookmark made from cardstock
and stickers depicting things the receiver loves, a heartfelt note, a PowerPoint creation filled
with love, humor, and nostalgia. Tell them how thankful you are that they are in your life,
how you value their friendship, or how much you appreciate all that they do for you.

Beautiful Hands Are Those That Work

Gifts for our mothers and grandmothers can sometimes be difficult.
They seem to have everything they need.
But they never tire of handmade gifts from the heart.
Your mom will be thrilled to receive a tablecloth you embroidered or crocheted,
a knitted afghan for those cold winter nights by the fire, or
a Christmas tin filled with goodies you baked.

Give your friends a tin filled with your special cookies or a jar full of the ingredients along
with the recipe so they can enjoy them in the long winter months after the holidays.
And they will remember you fondly as the luscious smells from your personalized
gift fill their kitchen.

Memories That Last a Lifetime

Old pictures make treasured gifts for every member of your family.
They shouldn’t be stored in the attic where no one sees them.
Bring your family’s memories to life by making a unique gift scrapbook with
the pictures or frame them in a family collage.

Pull out all those crocheted scarves and turn them into pillow covers or
frame them in shadow boxes. They are ideal gifts for preserving your family’s history
while creating a forum to share that history with your children and grandchildren.

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