Personalized Christmas gifts

Did You Know A monogram was originally used
as a royal signature?  The Romans and Greeks
added them to coins to signify their rulers.

Artisans began in the Middle Ages to add their initials
(monogram) to identify their work.

But, of course, the Victorians seized monograms as an opportunity
to announce their societal position, adding them to dinner and
glass ware, stationary, clothes, saddles, etc.

Personalize It
Christmas gifts give you the perfect opportunity to splurge on a special gift to
show others how much you love, admire, appreciate, or revere them.
Caring enough to pick a special gift that matches the personality of the person you’re
buying for means so much.  Great Gift Ideas can point you in the right direction.

Online holiday gift shopping has never been easier.  Personalized gifts add
a distinctive touch, giving you the added joy of watching their delight when
they open your gift.  Outdoor lovers on your Christmas gift list will love personalized
gifts of scarves, hats, sweaters, tees, or sweatshirts.

It can be their initials or those of their favorite sports team. Engraved gifts of earrings,
bracelets, and necklaces tell the receiver how important they are to you.
Family seal rings are a gift that will be valued and passed down through the generations.

Gifts with a Personal Touch
Anything given with a personal touch is sure to be treasured by the giver and the receiver.
Handpicking a gift, especially if you chose it with their colors and tastes in mind,
lets the receiver know how much you value them.
Personalized gifts can be created by engraving, embroidering, etching,
using greenery to make a wreath, or even printing your photo on shirts.

For the newlyweds and college students on your gift list, monogrammed towels,
sheets and pillowcases, and blankets are appreciated.
Don’t forget about the beautiful monogrammed and embroidered tablecloths and
napkins, engraved napkin rings and trivets, dinner and glass ware for
those newlywed gifts as well.

College students (and new grads) really like engraved fountain pens, laptop and
mobile phone pouches, and travel mugs.  Original gifts such as embroidered
family crests and scrolls attest to the value you place on your family name.

Anything goes
Practically anything can be personalized. Key chains with your family’s own
coat-of-arms make nice gifts for both men and women.  T-shirts can be hand
painted or digitally printed with your picture on them to help that special someone
remember you when you aren’t around.  With all these options finding and
purchasing personalized gifts has never been made more convenient.
Check out the links before some great gift ideas.

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