Inspirational Gift Ideas for your loved ones

If you want to convey how you feel to a loved one
then the obvious choice is to find a thoughtful gift to
give to them.

The gifts that spring to mind typically involve flowers and
chocolates of some description but if you really want to
let someone know how you feel then a gift that they can
keep forever would probably be most appreciated.

Thinking creatively can be difficult without inspiration,
so here are some helpful little tips to get you started so that
you can find a perfect present to give.

Jars Filled with a message for every day
For a gift that keeps on giving and that can be enjoyed all of the year round,
why not put together a jar filled with messages for every day of each month.
Whenever the receiver opens the jar they can find a message that
you have written especially for them.

Small Figurines
Figurines or ornamental statues can be given that represent an image that
you associate with the person you intend the gift for.
This image could represent courage, trust, loyalty or unity.

You could buy a gift that shows the person you love what you really think of them and
what characteristics you attribute to them. You could buy a gift that is personalized,
such as a glass block with your loved ones name and
the meaning of that name engraved into it.

Inspirational Quotes
There are lots of little keepsakes that can be purchased that can be personalised with
not only a name but an inspirational quote or saying that means that something to you,
or your loved one.

To take this idea further, you could put together a collection of cards for
every day of the year so that each card has a different message written on it.
These messages could be personal or could be taken from popular quotes or sayings.

Personalised Calendars
Calendars are always appreciated because they are useful and have a purpose but
if you were to personalise a calendar so that it included quotes, funny sayings,
personal messages or images then you can give something that is memorable too.

Engraved Jewellery
Any jewellery item that you give can be personalised too with a name or an important date.
Even smaller items like rings can be personalised.

Engraved Candleholders
Candleholders are decorative and can be displayed in a cabinet or used to hold
candles to light the home. These can be personalised with an engraved name too and
so make a lovely original and decorative gift to give.

Affirmation Balls
Affirmation balls are used to put smiles on peoples’ faces and remind them of their
self-worth. You could buy one for someone you love so that when they see their
affirmations for the day they will think of you and be reminded how much you love them.

Wall Mounted Carvings
Carved, laminated blocks of wood that bare inspirational quotes are a great gift to give.
They can be mounted on the wall around the home or even taken into work.

Engraved or Personalised Jewelry Boxes
Items of jewelry that carry personal messages make beautiful keepsakes and
can be worn on special occasions. Small trinket boxes that can store small items of
jewelry or decorative jewellery boxes are practical but pretty too.

You can choose boxes that you know your loved one will like and can find a design that
will suit their bedroom décor, for instance, just to add that extra special little touch.

Embroidered Wall Mounted Prints
Embroidered prints of images or phrases that you associate with your loved one can
make a really thoughtful gift, particularly for older people.
You could find something that fits in with your loved one’s décor in the home.

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