5 Unique and Amazing Gift Ideas for your Guitar-obsessed Teenager


Tired of giving your guitar-obsessed teenager CDs, DVD’s, and concert films as gifts?
Maybe you should try mixing things up a little and try coming out with something
unique and extraordinary, yet extremely special. The bright side is that true guitar
lovers dig just about anything that has to do with guitars and their kind of music,
and so it shouldn’t be hard to come up with an awesome gift they’ll love.

Listed below are 5 unique and amazing gift ideas for your guitarist that you can never go wrong with.

Personalized Concert Ticket

Does your teenager have a thing for attending rock concerts? Do they love rock music so
much that they end up attending every possible rock concert happening in town?
If yes, gifting them a personalized concert ticket scrapbook might seem like a perfect idea.
What better way to make them remember all those favorite rock shows they went to and
the amazing memories attached? This ticket album will help any fan hold a lifetime of
memories associated with all the memorable shows they ever attended.

Right from the head-banging with friends to the best seats they got to some real
weirdo’s they spotted in the crowd, each ticket will bring out the best of memories
from every show. You can customize the album according to whatever you
want it to look like, including names, design, and so on.

Funky Record Coasters

For any guitar lover who worships classic legends from back in the day,
what’s better than being able to set their favorite drinks on vintage record
coasters of some of the most classic albums from the history of music?

Yes, vintage record label coasters are unique gifts that are bound to be a hit with any guitar lover.
These funky coasters not only help in keeping the coffee table from getting stained,
but also look awesomely cool. These coasters are basically mini replicas of LP’s,
and are recycled or cut from the centre of old school vinyl records. Not only
do these coasters make amazing gifts, but they also add style to your coffee table,
giving it a super-cool, retro look. Gift your teen guitar lover this gift and you’ll never go wrong.

Action Figures of Legendary Guitarists

Just like every action lover has an action hero to look up to, guitar players have heroes too!
These heroes are guitar legends whom guitar fans idolize and look up to. These are guitar
heroes whom guitar fans consider as their role models, and are nuts about everything
from their guitar playing style to their band to their onstage personality.

How about gifting your guitar lover teen miniature actions figures of their favorite guitarist?
Yes, think beyond G.I.Joes, and consider gifting these incredible figures which are
essentially lifelike, collectible models of iconic guitar heroes. Whether placed on a
desktop, on top of a cabinet, or anywhere else where people can notice them, these
figures are a great way for a guitar fan to flaunt their favorite guitar gods.
What’s more, these figures are made with unbelievable attention to detail
and come equipped with accessories used by the musicians in real life.

Rockband/Guitar Brand T-Shirts

Is your teenaged guitar lover a hard rock fan? Are they music buff’s who worship
iconic rock bands like Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin?
If yes, think no further than gifting them a t-shirt featuring their favorite rock band!
Only a true fan knows how special and good it feels to carry their idols to their heart,
and what better way to do this than a t-shirt? Have a stroll along the market and you’ll
come across shops selling rock band t-shirts. Even better, have a look on the wed to
find hundreds of awesome sources where you can shop from, without having to step outside your home.

Rock Concert Tickets

Know of any local bands performing in your city or in any of your neighboring towns?
Any rock bands scheduled to perform live in or anywhere close to your city?
Is yes, and if you have a teenager who loves guitars and music, you know what to do!
Wait no more and start making bookings right away. Most of the times, all details are
readily available on the internet, so have a look online and see if you can get your
passes booked online. Make sure you catch the early bird passes while they’re still cheap.
Gifting your beloved guitar fan a concert ticket is one of the best ways you can show
how much you appreciate and care about their passion.

Author Bio:
The author of this post, Kristina Parker, is a freelance blogger currently writing
for Ezy Musical Instruments, leading sellers of “rel=”nofollow”Gibson acoustic guitars in Australia.
Kristina is a massive fan of David Gilmore and has the complete collection of
Pink Floyd in her iPod. You can also follow her on Twitter @Kristinawparker.

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