Embroidered Coat of Arms make a great gift idea

DID YOU KNOW?  A coat of arms is an emblem firmly rooted
in medieval history. Heraldic arms identified knights on
the battlefield or in tournament.
Entrenched in medieval pageantry, a family’s coat of arms
was items of personal vanity and pride.

Embroidered Coat of Arms
A Coat of Arms is sometimes also called a Family Shield,
Family Seal or Family Crest. A unique and
beautiful adornment representing your family’s history
and heritage, an embroidered coat of arms is a gift that
will be cherished through future generations.

It’s a distinctive gift that reflects your respect for your family surname and
a wonderful way to introduce your children and grandchildren to their heritage.
The perfect addition to your home or office as well as the perfect gift for friends
or family members both men and women.

An embroidered coat of arms is of historical relevance and will be appreciated by
everyone who sees it, but it will be especially revered by those whose name it bears.

Embroidered Coat of Arms

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A coat of arms is found on family crest rings, tapestries, and banners.
The coat of arms includes several components: a crest, helm, torse, mantling,
shield and motto, along with the family surname.

They are governed by the rules of heraldry and strictly regulated in countries like England.
In other countries, a family can create their own. Each coat of arms is unique and
represents different meanings and values to different individuals.

Coats of arms primarily hung in castles and noble estates in medieval times and were
passed down patrilineally, which means from father to son.

Today women received them as gifts and display them with familial pride as well.
Initially reserved for knights and then noble families, by the thirteenth century
they began to be adopted by families outside nobility.

Handmade and Beautiful: The Perfect Gift
Exceptionally high quality embroideries with fine detailing picked out
in gold colored wire threads. Each of our embroidered coat of arms is handmade:
an exquisite creation from gold and silver bullion, rayon, silk, and cotton.

These stunning art works can be created in a multitude of sizes.
You can order them with or without the frame.
Single embroidery consists of your family coat of arms, family name, and
country of origin.

Double embroidery has the coat of arms for two people and makes an
ideal wedding or anniversary gifts. Most, if not all, families have European roots.
We have names and coat of arms that represent surnames in Irish,
German, Spanish, English, and more.

Celebrate your family with a one of a kind embroidered coat of arms.
These exceptional pieces of art make any special occasion a joyous one.
Honoring others with their family’s coat of arms will be welcome at special birthdays,
the celebration of a new birth, or college graduation.

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