Create your own Halloween Gift Baskets

halloweenNow that Halloween is just a month away, you need to prepare a lot of things to make trick or treating fun for young kids. Halloween is not only intended for kids, but also for teenagers. Instead of giving sweet treats to teens, you can prepare gift baskets for them. Giving them a gift basket is a testament that they are not too old to have fun during this wonderful event.

Consider the Recipient of the Basket

The first step to making Halloween gift baskets is to know the recipients. Are you planning to give them to a girl or boy? Make sure that you customize the Halloween gift baskets according to the gender of the recipient as well as their interests. It will make your gift baskets more appealing if you put items that the recipient will surely like.

Decide On the Container

The next most important thing that you need to do is to decide the container of your gift basket. Just because it is called a gift basket does not mean that you have to use an actual basket. You can use a fruit crate, a tote bag, a bucket or anything that will allow you to put your items in.

Plan the Gifts Well

It is important that you plan which gifts to include in the basket. Remember that you need to customize based on the interests of the recipients. For instance, if the recipient likes watching movies, you can include several movie tickets or a CD of his or her favorite movie.

Consider the Size of the Gifts

Now that you have a basket to fill with Halloween goodies, the next thing that you need to do is to consider the size of the gifts that you will put inside your basket. Make sure that they are not too big for the basket.

Add fillers

Fillers are important because it makes your basket look full.  After putting all the items in the basket, you can fill the gaps and spaces with food items like candies or chocolate bars. You can also add cookies, granola bars or nuts inside. It will make your Halloween gift basket more festive. The best thing about using foods as fillers is that you can never go wrong with them.

Planning for Halloween gift baskets can bring out the fun among your teenagers during Halloween. It is a nice idea to make Halloween festive for everyone.


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