Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friends

Birthdays, be it ours or our friends’, are long awaited. We await oBirthdaygiftsurs because of course, it’s OUR day. We await our friends’ because they will throw a party and treat us. However, getting them a gift can be confusing.

Here are 8 Great Gift ideas for your Friends’ Birthday.

•  Birthday Dress – For a girl, you can gift a beautiful dress to you friend along with matching accessories. For a boy, gifting a shirt with a matching tie will be a good choice. Whenever they will go somewhere and choose to wear this, you will be fondly remembered and thanked.

•  A Branded Watch– Even though everyone today has a mobile phone to check the time, watches are a style statement which will remain in vogue till eternity. Boys prefer watches more than girls. If a branded watch will burn a hole in your pocket, you can instead gift a first copy of the brand.

•  A Body Spray – A branded perfume is always welcomed by both genders and make for good gifts. Boys mostly like very strong fragrances while girls usually like perfumes with a mild aroma. So pick up the perfume according to the gender and taste of your friend.

•  Exotic Wallets and Handbags – As you already must know, much more than dresses, women are crazy about handbags. Irrespective of the large number of handbags they have in their collection, they still don’t have enough. So a nice stylish bag for her and a leather wallet for him can be a good gift.

•  Nail Styling Equipment’s and Play Station – All women love their nails and pamper them by wearing different nail paints. If your friend is one of them, a nail styling it can be a perfect gift for her for all the time she wants a new look of her nails. For boys, a play station is suitable. They are crazy about all those latest gadgets in the market. All boys, irrespective of their age, love the play station. But well, this is if only your budget is high and the friend is very dear.

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•  iPod and Headphones – Who does not enjoy listening to music? Bathing, eating or working, music is an always welcomed companion. If your friend in particular is music crazy, iPod can be an excellent gift. Along with an iPod, headphones of course need to be gifted.

•  Throw a Surprise Party – You can arrange a surprise birthday bash for your friend, either at their place or a place they visit often. Invite all friends of your friend and make it the most memorable birthday of his/her life.

•  Earrings and Key Rings – Nowadays, girls have started to wear just one earring, as per the trend. You can gift them a box full of single earrings if you think they would love it. For a guy, a key ring is great. Get his name monogrammed on the key which he can use either for his car, bike or room.

Some friends are far away from us and this is when sending gifts on birthdays becomes even more special. Use the hamper delivery way to send your friend a birthday gift.


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