Men’s Christmas gifts

Seals were used in ancient Mesopotamia.

Seals/crests are of great interest to archaeologists
wherever they are found in the world.
Signet rings from ancient Egyptian kings
have been found

Men – just like women – love to receive a gift
that’s handpicked. So why not surprise the men
in your life with a special gift this year?

A carefully chosen, personalized gift, like a crest ring is the
perfect way to show family pride.
Check out these other distinctive gift ideas.

Sports Dude
Men who love sports also love to receive gifts to feed that passion.
Golf balls, wrist bands, safety glasses, whatever he’s been wishing for to improve his game,
they all make good gifts that are always appreciated.

For the guy who burns easily in the sun, consider a sun visor, a great looking pair of
sunglasses with UV protection, sun screen or lip balm in his stocking are fun gift ideas.
A sports watch with plenty of bells and whistles for deep sea diving or
mountain climbing is a good idea. And for couch sports enthusiasts, mugs,
sweat shirts, tees, visors – anything with their favorite team’s logo on it.

Mr. Nice Guy
Men with an image to protect will welcome any gift that strengthens their persona.
Whether he’s a hip dude, Generation X, greenie, Wall Street struck, yuppie or
guppy, style and fashion are important when buying him a gift.

For much of this list, leather is the answer and the trendier the better – wallet,
business card case, portfolio, or briefcase.  If leather is taboo for your guy,
you can’t go wrong with these gifts: deluxe watch, faux leather wallet or planner,
recycle bins so he can get organized, or a star named after him.

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Tech Savvy
When buying gifts for the tech savvy man, you could spend a fortune,
but you do have other choices.  If you can’t afford the latest techno-freak gadget,
check out websites for free web services — that will help out his business and
make his life simpler.  If you can afford the latest gadgets,
there is no end to the fun you can have buying games, phones, books readers,
language converter, or computers.

Rocker and Music Lover
Some men sleep, eat, and breathe music.
If you have one of these guys on your Christmas list,
what better gift than a newly released CD or album of his favorite band or singer?
And, if you can afford it, go one better, and surprise him with
tickets (two naturally) to a concert of his favorite band.

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