Great Valentine’s Gifts ideas

Trivia Tidbits: This is one theory of
many for Valentines. 

The ancient Roman feast, Lupercalia,
(February 13– 15) included
sacrificing a dog and a goat and
whipping women with their bloody
hides to cleanse Rome of evil spirits and
fill it with fertile females.

When Emperor Claudius II had two men named
Valentine executed on February 14 (different years),
the Catholic Church made the men martyrs.

Later Pope Gelasius I) combined the church’s St.
Valentine’s Day with Lupercalia to rid Rome of pagan rituals.
Shakespeare and Chaucer added English romance to St. Valentine’s Day, and
handmade cards became the rage of the Middle Ages.

Every February14th love fills the air with red balloons and heart shaped boxes of
chocolates cover the land.Lovers around the world look forward to this special event with
fondness.  Couples, sweethearts and friends take time out to celebrate the occasion
with an intimate dinner date and the exchange of gifts symbolic of love.

Gifts of Love
Hearts are symbolic of love, thus it is not surprising to find heart shaped
gourmet chocolates, cakes, pillows, and jewelry. Clothing with hearts on them or
almost anything red will do the trick–tees, polos, pajamas, peignoirs,
sweaters, ties, and scarves.

Flowers are often the choice for Valentine’s gifts, and surprisingly,
a single rose can often say more than a dozen.

Expressing your feelings is easy to do with a gift that says you know what
the other person likes. A true gift from the heart is not necessarily an expensive gift
but something that one can feel.

Gifts of Commitment
This Valentine’s Day let the gift of commitment be the best gift that you can offer
your partner. Show your sincerity through a ring, a pendant or bracelet, a watch,
cufflinks, a family crest ring, an engraved pen or silver picture frame.
Giving a gift that reminds them, long after the celebration is over, that
you care about your relationship is one of the best gifts of all.

Gift of Person
With running between appointments, taking care of children, cooking, cleaning,
going back to school – whatever keeps you busy – spending time with
your partner can be at a premium. Set aside Valentine’s Day as a special date night
even if you can’t go out due to your budget.

Have an intimate dinner at home or in a fine restaurant.
A picnic before the fireplace with a nice wine and some romantic music is a nice escape.
Fill the bath with candles, float flower petals in the bath water scented with
bath salts, give your partner some time to soak and float in the peaceful atmosphere.
The rest is up to you…

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