Christmas Gift Ideas

DID YOU KNOW:   Saint Nicholas was an historic 4th century saint and
Greek Bishop of Myra. He loved to give secret gifts and would often put coins in shoes.
He became the prototype for the modern Santa Claus.

Christmas is the time of the year everyone looks forward to.
No other occasion calls for special gift giving like Christmas.
It is a wonderful opportunity to express love, respect, and admiration for family,
friends and acquaintances. Choosing just the right gift is important to you and to us.

Something Personalized
Show them you care with personalized gifts that bear their initials such as mugs,
pens, beer steins, key chains, jewelry, and silver flatware, trays, or trivets.

Gifts for men with their name emblazoned on it such as a family coat of arms,
family seal rings, or family scrolls are excellent gift ideas that
will be treasured through the generations.

Going Organic
Organic products have fast become popular among people of all ages and
persuasions. There are unique gifts for men, women, teens, and
children made from organic materials and products.

Bath and body products made from oats, fruit and plant extracts for herbal teas,
skin care, soaps, lip balms, and cosmetics are popular gifts for women.
Organic foods made from whole grains and organically grown fruits and
vegetables make nice gift baskets that are kind to our bodies.
Organic gifts help people stay healthy and save the environment.

Take the stress away
We all live with the stressors of life – stress on the job, fighting traffic and
crowded public transportation to get to the job, downsizing, and higher prices.
Add to that all the excitement, parties, and special events for Christmas and
stress increases. You can create a lovely, stress-free break for
the special people on your gift list.

They will love you for remembering them in such a special way.
If you’ve got the budget for it, get them tickets to a musical, a Broadway show,
the latest 3D movie release, a massage, a spa visit, or
a concert with their favorite band or singer.

If your budget can’t stretch that far, there are hundreds of alternatives with
aromatherapy candles, incense sticks, candle warmers,
a lavender pillow to ease their headache, massage mittens and slippers with
aromatherapy pellets to soothe the savage beast.

Create a spa at home and give them a relaxing facial – great gift for men and women,
a pedicure with a warm foot soak and some cooling mint lotion will bring them back to life,
and don’t forget soothing bath salts and bubble baths.

Play it safe with goodies
Christmas gift baskets with special treats that only appear during the holidays
make prized gifts. You can buy them online from many companies that
specialize in fruit, candy, nuts, wine, and pastries or create your own.
If you’ve got an old basket at home, a quick coat of colorful spray paint,
some tissue paper, and it’s transformed.

If your friend needs food to feed the visiting crowd staying with them,
include in your gift basket fresh fruit, pastries, breads, and gourmet crackers with
cheeses and nuts. If they’re on the run or going away for the holidays,
think of things that have a longer shelf life, and they can enjoy them after
the holidays – tins of cookies, wine, candy, gourmet mustards and jellies.
Any of these Christmas gifts will move you to the top of their favorite people list.

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