Homemade Gifts Ideas that your Loved ones will Love

If you are struggling to think of Gift ideas for your loved ones and
you are working on a budget then we have put together some great ideas to
help you get thinking. You don’t have to spend a great deal of
money to show someone how much you care, all you need is to put a little thought into it.

Personalised gifts you can make from scratch

Personalised items do make great presents
so if you are working with limited spends
maybe invest in something like
a personalised calendar.

Your gift can be used right
the way through the year and
can be seen every day.
The usefulness of items like this is
relatively high so you
can imagine how much they will
be appreciated.

Calendars that don’t just include your
loved one’s name, but photographic images of them and their friends and family
could be a really good gift idea. You could even create this in your own home if
you know how to use the relevant software.

Home Made Potpourri
If you know that the person you are buying for likes to keep different scents and
smells around their home then you could go for some potpourri.
You could buy this from almost anywhere or you could have a go at making some yourself,
taking from an online recipe. You should be able to find different
recipes for different smells, and the person you are buying for will love the amount of
effort you have gone to.

Crafting gift sets you can make yourself
If you know that your friend, partner, or family member likes crafting them
why not make them their very own crafting kit. You could go to a shop and
buy a kit outright or you could put some things together yourself.

Any box that has different compartments in it can be used and
you can simply fill up the box with items that can be used in crafting.

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Preserves and Conserves
If you are particularly handy in the kitchen then why not think about making
some jams, marmalades, or spreads that can be preserved in jars to be used at
a later date. You can make these look really pretty too so that they look good on
a shelf in the kitchen. Making things like this can take time but are cheap
to produce so they are bound to be cherished by whoever you give it to.

Creating scented candles
If your friend or loved one enjoys their scented candles then why not think
about making one for them!

It is all too easy to just pick one up from the shop, but making them involves skill and
you could end up creating something really lovely. To make a candle you need wax,
a mould, a wick, some dye, and some scented oils to add the smell.

Coupons and Vouchers for chores around the home
Vouchers for chores or for favours are great fun, both to make and to use.
If you are stuck for ideas for Mother’s Day, for instance, you could create
some vouchers that can be ‘cashed in’ whenever the receiver

The vouchers could be for making tea, or for washing the car, or for
doing the ironing. You could even have a voucher for
hovering and cleaning the kitchen!

Plant cuttings for the green-fingered amongst you
If you are green-fingered and you enjoy looking after plants around the home
then perhaps you could share your hobby with your friend or
loved one by giving them a cutting from one of your plants that
can be replanted and grown.

Whatever you decide, you can be as creative as you wish.
The more decorative you are with your wrapping the more thoughtful
the gift will appear. For more great gift ideas please bookmark our website,
we have great gifts ideas for all.

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