Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Every moment’s a treasure when spent with the person Anniversary-gifts
you love most. And every year of togetherness is
just worth celebrating.

Anniversary gifts are meant to symbolise
these things and more. On your coming anniversary,
it would be lovely to give her a gift that also means
you’re looking forward to the coming years of being with her.


But before you go gift-hunting, here are some gift suggestions according to the
varying personalities of women. They’ll inspire you to give her a present she’ll surely love.

For the glamorous
By giving her jewellery for your anniversary, you can tell her that the
occasion is truly special to you or that she is very precious to you.
And you’ve got a good selection to choose from – earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even brooches.


But if you really want to give a heartfelt message about looking forward to spending the rest of your days with her, why not give her an eternity ring? It will add more sparkle to the wedding and engagement rings that she already has. Of course, it would be best if you buy an eternity ring made to match the two initial rings.


For the traveller
If both of you love to travel, one excellent idea would be to give her a book on dream destinations.
You can do this in two ways, depending on your budget.


If you are ready to take her to a dream vacation, you can buy a book that mentions the place to where you’re going. Write a note on the first page of the book and slip in there the tickets or any proof of your coming travel. But if you’re still saving for your trips, it can be a way for you to tell her that you’re planning more travels with her in the future.


Among the books that she’ll delight in would be World’s Best Travel Experiences: 400 Extraordinary Places and Drives of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Spectacular Trips, both from National Geographic. You can also choose Reader’s Digest’s Off the Beaten Path: A Travel Guide to More Than 1000 Scenic and Interesting Places Still Uncrowded and Inviting or Once in a Lifetime Trips: The World’s 50 Most Extraordinary and Memorable Travel Experiences by travel writer Chris Santella.


For the sophisticated
If she’s a woman who’s busy with her daily job in the office or chores at home, you can let her know that you want to pamper her and make her feel good even with all the stressful stuff around her. A luxury at-home spa gift basket will allow her not just to relax, but to re-create the de-stressing ambience whenever and wherever she wants.


Main items in the basket should include shower gel, bath salts, bath soap, exfoliating scrub, body lotion, hand soap and hand cream. Choose them all in a soothing scent she loves – probably lavender or vanilla. And it would be better if she can layer her favourite scent with home fragrances like linen spray, potpourri and aromatic candle. Might as well make it an ultimate treat for her with cookies and tea or coffee she can snack on while she has her feet up.


For the sentimental
Sometimes, the woman who loves romance is the one who’s difficult to give gifts to.
It might not require you to shell out a good portion of your savings, but you have to make a really
creative presentation that will sweep her off her feet.


One romantic idea is giving her your message in a bottle.
Get a used wine bottle or buy a decorative one from a flea market.
It would be great, though, if you use the bottle of the wine you consumed in a previous anniversary celebration.

Put some sand or tiny pebbles inside the bottle and place your message of love in there.
Your message can be a poem you wrote or your letter outpouring your thoughts
and feelings about how you’re looking forward to more years together.

For the food lover
If she’s someone who shares your love for food, plan a picnic by the lake or somewhere overlooking a romantic view of the city.
Buy one of those elegant English picnic wicker baskets fastened by leather straps and come complete with plates, cutlery and wine glasses. Fill it with a bottle of wine, cheeses, breads and other food items that she loves. The picnic basket will be your ultimate prop for your relaxing outdoor dates from that day forward.


These suggestions will boost your creativity to find the gift she’ll love. See if she’s a foodie, a travel gal or someone who’s quirkier.
Take it from there, and you’ll get a good idea about what she’d like to get as you toast to more years of spending time with each other.


About the author
Sofia Angeli is a PR & communications consultant for companies in various industries.
In particular, she brings her writing skills and passion for travel, culture, arts and
lifestyle, including wedding planning and engagement rings, to the online world.

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