Best Gift Ideas for your Wife’s Birthday

One of the most difficult things for husbands is deciding what to gift their wives on their birthdays. You don’t want to gift her something you gave last year too. Should it be something practical or should it be something romantic? What if she doesn’t like it? There are so many things to consider. No wonder husband’s rush around stressed on their wives’ birthdays. To help you a bit we have compiled a list of best Birthday gift ideas for your wife. So if you are confused about what to get her you can always refer to this list.

1. Throw a party for her friends

One of biggest complaints wives have is that they don’t get enough time for their friends. A girls’ night with her closest friends would do her a world of good. You can arrange it at her favourite restaurant and secretly invite her friends. Take her there on some pretext and let her be surprised. It will be something she will always remember and be very grateful for. The best part would be the wonderful memories she would always cherish of her Birthday celebration. Much better than any tangible gift you could give her.

2. Personalised Chocolates

Women are always very fond of chocolates. These days you also have the option of having chocolate gifts personalised. Let her know how you feel by having a cute birthday greeting printed on chocolate. Or maybe select a lovely picture of you both and have it printed on a bar of chocolate. It is something unique and innovative and she will appreciate all the effort you put into getting the gift made. To add a special touch, include a message with the chocolates that you have written yourself. Everyday issues and concerns take up so much of our time that we are never able to express our appreciation and love for our loved ones. A loving note along with the chocolates will make her feel extra special.

3. Jewellery

Jewellery is also a safe choice for your wife’s birthday gift. Choose a pair of cute earrings or a chain or a bracelet. Try and remember what sort of design she likes. It’s a good idea to remember the type of jewellery she usually wears and pick out something similar. Another idea could be to choose a piece of jewellery that you can have engraved with her name or the date of her birthday. A locket in which you can put a lovely picture of her or the both of would also be a great gift idea. If you think jewellery is something she would not really be interested in you can also consider watches. There are many designs available for you to choose from and at many different price points. The best part of choosing a piece of jewellery or even a watch is that women never have too many of these and every new piece easily finds a place in the wardrobe or dresser.

4. A day at the Spa

Another wonderful birthday gift idea for your wife would be a day at the Spa. Women typically prioritise every one above themselves and rarely make time for themselves and what they like to do. A day at the spa would be so relaxing. She would love being pampered and cared for while not having to worry about anything else. If you have children make arrangements so that they are being cared for by a suitable person. Maybe they can spend a day with their grandparents. It’s no use sending her to a spa if she’ll be worrying about whether the children have eaten or who is in charge of the house work. As an added bonus make sure she comes home to a house which she doesn’t have to start cleaning immediately! She will love you all the more not only for gifting her some wonderful time to herself but also so ably taking care of everything else.

5. A Framed photograph

This gift idea might seem simple but it packs a lot of meaning. First important thing would be to choose a picture that captures a moment that is special to her. Maybe your wedding day, the first picture with your little baby. Or any memory that is special for both of you. Now pick a beautiful frame. These days you also have the option of customising the frame. You can have some lines printed where you express how much she means to you. If you are not the eloquent sort you can choose poetry which expresses what you want say. Even song lyrics of that special song that both of you love could be a good idea. It makes for a very special gift because of the time and effort you put in to create the gift. That is something that women appreciate a lot more than the gift itself.

You can use any of these ideas and choose a wonderful gift for your wife’s birthday. The important thing to remember is that it should come from the heart. Women can very quickly (and correctly!) judge how much thought went into the gift. And this is what you have to focus on it’s the thought that counts and not the gift itself. So take some time and create a beautiful gift for her. After all your wife is the one person who always support you and takes care of you. Doesn’t she deserve something truly special on her birthday

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